Watertight manhole cover

At the moment RAFIBRA makes and sells two models of covers: Rafibra’s Cover 98 made by procedure of injection with resins of polyester and fibreglass (GRP) obtaining a greater resistance with a smaller thickness (24 mm) and diameter of 950 mm. and Rafibra’s Cover 2002 which makes with the diameter of 950 mm (42 inches) or the diameter of 115 mm (42 inches), both models are accredited according to the European Norm EN 124 class D400, used for fluid and heavy traffic.



UNE EN-124 defines the diverse classes (A-15-F-900) of the covering devices and closing and the different places from installation (Group 1 to the 6). The election of the class is responsibility of the designer, in case you doubt on the class to use will have to choose most resistant.




  • Corrosion resistant.
  • Completely watertight: Water can’t come into the sump and inside the tank and it avoids VOC’s emission from the tank to the atmosphere.
  • Non-slid surface.
  • It’s located at the same level that the pavement.
  • Easy placement.fabric10_400
  • It doesn’t originate vibrations neither noises.
  • Anti-theft safe lock system
  • Marco construido para fácil colocación.
  • Very light.
  • Suitable diameter to pass through and get inside.
  • It prevents classical back injuries.
  • Easy handling by anyone because it’s very light.
  • It’s made of aluminium.
  • Diameter: 75 cm.
  • It’s D-400 Certificated in accordance with Standard EN-124.
  • Warranty


Uses and applications of the watertight manhole cover RAFIBRA 2010

  • Telecommunications networks
  • Petrol Stations
  • Lighting
  • Natural Gas Network
  • Sewage Systems
  • Lighting and Maintenance of Gardens
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