Tank testing. VSN System (Approved by ICIM LAB Laboratory)

Tests could be done with product into the tank.both ullage portion and product-filled portion could be tested with Rafibra-VSN, and of course, empty tanks may also be tested.

Prueba_VSNIn accordance of R.D. 1523/1999 Tank Tightness Tests have to guarantee to detect a leak of at least 100 ml/h (0.022 gph) and they have to be evaluated through ICIMLAB Laboratory.

After 9 years from R.D. 1523/1999, publication Laboratory is already built and working, that means that all tank tightness tests have to be checked by ICIMLAB.

Rafibra-VSN’s system is the result of the R&D made by the company in collaboration with the most important national laboratories and universities in this field of study; It has been evaluated and has successfully passed all the laboratory tests made in accordance with rule 53968, obtaining the Metrologic Confirmation Certificate of Rafibra-VSN system.

  • Accuracy is so high, that our system can detect leaks below 1 ml/h.
  • Environmental changes, such as pressure, temperature and humidity, do not affect the system (traditional methods were very affected by these changes)
  • The test is made with the fuel in the tank and with the volume contained in the time of the test.
  • When the leak is detected, no fluid is spilled, because vacuum can be held in the tank until the fuel is removed.
  • The test is not aggressive.

Tanks containing other liquids may be tested after consultation with Rafibra.



• Certification:

Leak rate of 0.022 gph (0,1 litres per hour) with PD = 100% and PFA = 0%.

• Leak Threshold:

0.00022 gph (0.001 litres per hour). Tank should not be declared tight when a predetermined threshold is exceeded in ullage and product – filled portions.

• Applicability:

Gasoline, diesel, aviation fuel, waste oil. Empty tanks may also be tested. Tanks containing other liquids may be tested after consultation with the manufacturer. Tests ullage portion and product-filled portion of the tank.

• Tank Capacity:

Maximum volume of product into the tank is 95,000 litres. Tank could be completely empty.

• Waiting Time:

Test doesn’t need any waiting time.

• Test Period:

Total collection time is 30 minutes with any proportion of tank filled.

• Test Vacuum:

A minimal nominal pressure or vacuum of -0.2 bar must be maintained in the tank.

• Temperature:

Method is NOT sensitive to temperature, atmospheric pressure and other environmental fluctuations.

• Groundwater:

System is NOT affected Depth to groundwater in tank excavation backfill.

• Comments:

At the moment Rafibra-VSN is the only allowed method in Spain to do tank tightness tests, because it’s the only that has passed the test in ICIMLAB Laboratory (Spanish law), which leak Threshold is 0.022 gph (0,1 litres per hour).
Rafibra-VSN is a consolidated method in Spanish market, at the moment is working to the main Oil Companies like REPSOL, EXXONMOBIL, BP, AGIP, ERG, GALP, KUWAIT, CEPSA, TAMOIL, etc. Rafibra-VSN has tested more then 250.000 tanks.

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