Repair and
simple wall coating

Rafibra provides an innovative fuel tank relining solution, despite performing this technique for more than 30 years, we repair tanks with the aplications and techniques most advanced and modern in the sector.

tank lining services

Due to corrosion, tanks can undergo wear and tear of the sheet metal that forms them, leading to the creation of holes or cracks, with the consequent entry of water and/or loss of fuel.

Our single-wall coating is the most effective petrol tank repair solution, saving up to 75% of the cost of replacing the tank, taking into account the loss of time in terms of building work, plans, excavations, possible soil contamination, etc.

petrol tank lining
petrol tank repair

In addition, we use fibreglass fiber and an ecological, waterproof and odourless resin and therefore not harmful to health, giving to the tank a mechanical structure resistant and durable over time.



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