Periodic Checking and Inspection

The fundamental objective of our fuel tank inspection services is to carry out technical checks to verify the condition in which the installations are found, thereby complying with Royal Decree 1523/99 established by (MIEM, the Ministry for Industry, Energy and Mining).

Depending on your facilities, our appropriately trained staff will advise you on the specific regulation required for your installations.

Periodic Inspection

The different legislations and regulations will set out the periodic intervals and requirements for inspecting diesel oil tanks. Because of this, in order to ensure a quality service the company carrying out your inspection must be certified.

Rafibra provides underground storage tank inspection with an extensive team of professionals who are experts in the regulations and who will ensure a quality periodic inspection of the diesel oil tanks. 

If you are thinking of carrying out a periodic inspection of the diesel oil tanks, contact us and we will arrange a day for your inspection as soon as possible. 

The timeliness of this procedure may ensure an increase in the life of the tank and determine if a clean or a repair is necessary, or if it should be decommissioned due to it having been left for too long. .



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