One of the main security issues in service stations is the maintenance of storage tanks and pipelines; in fact there are great demands on this and reports El Economista in its issue of February 12, 2015, will increase and generalize controls on such facilities.

The reason is not minor: the deterioration and corrosion can cause leakage of hydrocarbons, which implies not only risk of environmental pollution but also groundwater and dangers of explosion or fire. It is estimated that 20% of service stations can be in this situation, which also involves economic losses to the owner.

So far it is usual that, if a leak is detected by performing periodic tightness tests, informing and cleaning the affected area should be made; however, it is evident the need to address the causes of leaks because if environmental restoration occur can be costly.

If sanctioned the new rules, which according to government sources would be working for four years, all stations must have tanks and double wall piping within at least three years, to more extensive according to size and age of the plant.

The Rafibra system reduces costs of adaptation of deposits.

Several institutions and business associations are considering the construction of double wall system will be extremely costly. However it is interesting that Rafibra has developed a novel method that greatly reduces the cost of adapting deposits and which involves the conversion of the old tank in a dual wall, building a new one with a unique material within the old and installing a permanent system leak detection. The system includes the repair and refurbishment needed and due to its characteristics prevents contamination of underground hydrocarbon storage or if there is a leak or defect in both walls.

This procedure has the appropriate accreditation from the competent authorities for industry and was patented in 1996; is performed in the own station and called Rafibra RDP (Conversion Double Wall), exempting the owner of periodic tightness tests.

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