RAFIBRA, is a company established on December, the 9th in 1990, in order to satisfy, broadly speaking, all Petrol Stations necessities.
There was a need of updating the archaic fuel selling and delivering facilities (Petrol Stations), so the founders decided to focus the company activities in offering to the industrialist of their territory, the repair of the Petrol Stations tanks and the verification of their tightness. These activities are developed with remarkable success, and extended to the neighbouring provinces .

The business development, as a atmospheric tanks maintenance company, gives the company the market installation and the financial soundness that make possible the expansion of its activities, expanding its business field nationwide, and considering, three years ago, the commencement of a manufacturing activity, in the same sector, by jeans of the manufacture of pieces, by the Resin Transference Moulding System (RTM) and the Environmental Management, both fields in which, at the present time, the market penetration stage has been exceeded, and now we have a consolidated position and even predominant, as in the case, for example, of the Manhole Cover, which we are now exporting it to the E. C.
At the present time, two new business fields have been initiated: the manufacture of a water retention valve (A Rafibra’s designed and patented device) and the marketing of the hydrocarbon absorbent products.

InstalacionesRAFIBRA was pioneer in Spain in repairing and coating buried atmospheric tanks, using fibreglass and polyester resins, and verifying the tightness of such tanks.
On 1.991 Rafibra moves its head office and facilities to its current address, and increases its facilities in a first stage in 1992 and in a second in 1994, having approximately 8.000 m2 of buildings. At this moment, Rafibra has 8.000 m2 of new facilities in Alberic Industrial Zone, were has a modern industrial equipment, enough to provide manufacture all the necessary elements to offer a technologic and quality level appropriate to users exigencies and has more than 500 m2 for offices and laboratories. Nowadays, we have more than 100 people in our staff, of whom the 30 % make labours of Management, Engineering, Environmental Management and Administration.
The company has participated actively in National Professional Contests, and from its first appearance in Feria Muestrario Internacional de Estaciones de Servicio de Valencia in 1.993, Rafibra has never been absent from the bi-annual fairs, exposing in them the continuous development, both in design and in the technological aspects, of its services.
Within the philosophy and the guidelines stated and applied by The Management of the company since its establishment, R&D programs have been developed with Universities and Accredited Laboratories; and fruit of theses programs we have been able to develop 8 patents and a tightness verification system of our own, studied and authorized by all the national competent organizations regarding to industry matters.


Also, have been established collaboration programs to train technicians with Universities, assigning a huge amount of the total investment to optimize all the company technical resources and in a certain way, of the industry sector we belong to, in order to provide our clients the highest warranties available, in more than 6.000 repaired tanks nationwide.

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