Atmospheric tanks integral maintenances

The best professionals

We have a large highly qualified team dedicated to the revision and control of the services provided to our customers.

International expansion

The know-how of our company has made RAFIBRA expand not only nationally but also internationally, getting into the European, Asian and American markets.

We are leaders

Rafibra is a leader in the field of comprehensive maintenance of atmospheric deposits and has over 25 years experience and 15,000 coated deposits.


Explosion hazard reduction


Maximum content of gases in the atmosphere


Year warranty on all our jobs


satisfied customers


Tank testing

The test is made with the fuel in the tank and with the volume contained in the time of the test.

Tank cleaning and Degassing

RAFIBRA,offers as one of its services, the Clearing and Degassing of the Liquid Petrol Products Tanks

Fuel tanks reparation and coating

Rafibra has repaired and guaranteed more than 10.000 fuel tanks along Spain’s territory

Tanks transformation from single to double wall

Rafibra installs a Permanent Leak Detection System that informs with a visible signal and/or with an audible signa

Fuel storage tanks inactivation and neutralization

Traditionally, buried tanks are rendered inert with sand or concrete, except when these tanks are “temporarily” set off filling them with water.

Environmental management

Rafibra has authorization in the whole Spanish territory to perform toxic and dangerous residues extraction, transport and management, cleaning hydrocarbons separators and washing facilities, septic tanks, cesspits, etc…

Hydrocarbons separators & decanters

Sand and mud separator. Hidrocarbons separator.

Studies and research of contaminated soils

Applying geophysical interpretation methods allows greater pollution, reducing the number of sampling points


Rafael Martínez

Rafael Martínez

Director Expansión Internacional

Antonio Martínez

Antonio Martínez

Director comercial

Maximino Martínez

Maximino Martínez



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